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Enjoy shopping in many online stores such as Lc Waikiki, Tefal, Trendyol, Sefamerve, Modanisa, Paşabahçe, Vestel, Vakko, Borcam, Kütahya Porselen, Penti and many more.

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You get notified by the system once your packages arrive to your Turkey address and if your packages are more than one, you can consolidate them in order to pay less shipping.

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After you give shipping order for your packages, they will be shipped in 24 hours. Delivery time depends on the selected service.

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General Question
How can i use my Turkiyepostam address?
When you place an order from any Turkish online shop, you can use your Turkey address as shown on the My Turkey address page for delivery address. Please do not forget to add your customer number when you adding your address to an online shop.
What can i order from Turkey?
Clothes from world’s famous Turkish brands and also boutiqe ones, decoration, wall arts, books, DVDs, Electronic Goods, Hobby materials, Sporting Goods and etc.
What i CANNOT order/ship?
Guns, gun parts and ammunition, hunting materials, flamable and explosive materials, any product containing discrimination, cultural and natural asset, human organs, cosmetics, drugs, supplements, statues, alcohol/non-alcohol drinks, tools to use for drugs, chemical materials, cell phones, money, antiques, checks and any kind of material that can be converted to money, live/stuffed animals, jewelry, commercial products that can be resell and tobacco and items that related to tobacco.
What is dimensional weight?
The determining factor in the shipping costs is your packages actual weight AND the size of your package. Which called "Dimensional Weight"
Dimensional weight calculation is; length (cm), width (cm) and height (cm) / 5000
Between the actual weight and dimensional weight; the heavier one determines the shipping cost.
Can i keep my packages in my address to send them all together later?
Sure you can. When your package arrive, it has 180 days free storage time. If you do not exceed 180 days, you’re all good. Once this180 days past, you’ll need to pay 1EUROS per KG for package.
What is package consolidation?
You can select your packages and send them to same address. This way, they’ll be automatically consolidated. Besides, you can manually ask for repacking with emailing to our customer service with the names of the packages you wish to be consolidated.
Your packages will be repacking in most effective way. When can work only once for one package. If you have any other request for an already processed package, there’ll be a 5EURO fee for that.
My package arrived damaged. What should I do now?
When your package arrives to our facility; If any significant damage is detected on the box, it will be sent back to the seller without receiving it and you will be informed about it. If after we open your package to investigate the content and we notice any significant damage, we’ll notify you and you will be advised to contact your dealer. We’ll be helping you with the return process once you started it. Packages are not going to carefully inspected, so any scratches, abrasions, etc. kind of damages might go unnoticed; in such circumstances can not be held responsible.
I purchased something, but I entered my address wrong. What to do?
When you shopping, please be sure that you write your address correct. If you use wrong address, you can create a help ticket for Turkiyepostam customer service and let us now. And then, you MUST contact the company you placed the order from. We can also call the company for you and let them know about the situation. Generally speaking, there will be %50 chance of your package arriving to us in the scenario. Most of the companies won’t change the address after you place the order or if they do, those changes won’t effect shipping company’s process. In this case, your package will be sent back to seller or delivered to us eventually.
Can I track my packages?
When you pay for your package, after we getting it ready, it’ll be moved to "Sent Packages" section. In that section, you can track your package by using "Where is my package" button.